January Goal: Eat More Plants.

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After a rather indulgent December, (I mean, did anyone not have at least a somewhat indulgent December?), I knew I needed to DETOX. Between Christmas Parties, Christmas Dinners, and everything in between, I ended the month CRAVING greens.

Soul Smoothie
Soul + Greens. Does the body good.

Detoxing can mean a lot of things, right? Some think juice cleanses or restricting calories, you name it, but, well, to be frank, I need food. Or I get cranky. And now one wants that. Trust me. So in order to do this detox, I knew it needed to include fresh, plant-based foods to get things going in January.

Now, I’ve done the vegetarian thing a few times in my life. In middle school I didn’t eat meat for 2+ years, in high school I did another, when I first moved to San Francisco, half a year. You get the point. And I’ve ALWAYS, always felt pretty darn good eating that way, just to put it out there. Well after one too many steaks in December, I decided that meat and I needed a break. (It’s not you, it’s me.) I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. And after Kristine was raving about how amazing she feels since going totally plant-based, I thought why not jump on board this January and just commit.

Be Well Salad a la Mixt Greens. Always hits the (vegan) spot.
Be Well Salad a la Mixt Greens. Always hits the (vegan) spot.

So commit I have. No eggs (I miss you the most), no dairy, no fish, no nothing. 100% plant-based eating is happening, and I am excited to see how things go throughout the month. Even though I get a lot of plants in my life in general, I think focusing on eating all plants, all the time in January is really going to set the tone for 2016. While I may add back in eggs, and maybe fish, and perhaps, eventually even meat, (or who knows, maybe I won’t!), I want my focus on food to be plant-based in 2016: more greens, more legumes, more fresh herbs, more fresh food.

Kale Bean + Veggie Soup. Recipe is comingggg.
Kale Bean + Veggie Soup. Recipe is comingggg.

For now I am committing to a Vegan January, and so far so good. I’ve been experimenting with soups, bowls, tofu, the works, and plan on sharing quite a few recipes ASAP.

So that’s that. Goal #1 for the year. 2016, you’re going to be a green one. (Could. Not. Help. Myself.)

Be Frank: Have you gone Vegan? Or experimenting with eating a plant-based diet? 

Living Frankly.

So remember those changes I was was talking about? Well, they are coming over the next few days. I already talked about my goal (yes, goal technically) for 2016, which in a nutshell is to focus on one area every month in 2016 that I believe will add up to something big at the end of the year. In order to do this successfully, I need be accountable. Yes, accountable. Accountable and, well frank. Honest. You get the picture.

(I told you Scotland was pretty.)

But in doing this, I want to do it right. This is where blogging comes in. I want my message here to reflect that. So for the 112th time, (okay that is a bit of an exaggeration) I am changing the name of this space of mine. You may have noticed I let sayhelloandgo.com lapse. That was no mistake. I was just not into it anymore, as it didn’t really reflect, well, anything. (Already being honest over here.) So instead, I am changing names to something that I think will encompass this space of mine, and says what I am blogging about, (which I am planning to do more and more of, I promise, for real this time.)

Over the next few days (and I don’t know exactly when, as I have clearly paid someone to help a sister out with this) I will be moving from a wordpress.com site to self-hosting (see, getting serious over here!) My new site will be livingfrankly.co, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

So if you are still around after that big hiatus, please bookmark the new site, add it to your Feedly, do whatever you do, because it’s going to be a good 2016. I can feel it. So let’s do it together.

Once the site moves, I will be getting more into this month’s goal of ‘eating more plants’ (hint hint: I’ve gone vegan this month), starting workout recaps again, new recipes (I’ve been on a roll), talking about my awesome partnership with Represent Running as a 2016 Ambassador, and so much more.